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Wow what a great campaign. We have great backers that were fully engaged the entire campaign. We could not have done this without you! The campaign is over, but we're still here. Look for future updates. Follow us here on Kickstarter for announcements for our future campaigns. We have more to come! SOON! If you are looking to get a copy of Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich, you can come over to our website where we will direct you to either our pre-order page or shop.

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We’re going big, just as we did in the core game, on the content for the expansion. 

Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich is a stand-alone expansion to Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game. This means that it can be played on its own or in combination with the original game. The Horror in Dunwich expansion builds on the original game’s core rules, but brings some new mechanics, Elder Gods, Investigators, and other cards to game.

The cards have been redesigned to make the players' life easier. Now each card type has its own color for quick recognition. The new template also makes the awesome artwork by Graham Sisk really pop off the card.

We have added brand new card types to the game: Gear, Allies and Mythos Location. These cards add some new mechanics that enrich theme and strategy of the game.

Now Investigators can equip Gear for extra power. The effect that Gear has is constant, unless otherwise stated by the Gear card. Gear is only in effect for the Investigator who wears it.  

Every Investigator has two Gear slots, unless otherwise stated. Once an Investigator has two pieces of Gear, they may replace a piece of Gear by destroying one of their two existing pieces of Gear. Destroyed Gear is returned to the game box and is no longer available for the current game.

Allies - new Library card type. There are three allies in the game. They function similarly to Locations and stay in play. They act as a stand-alone Investigator added to the group that benefits the players.

Mythos Locations - are cards representing where the battle between the Investigators and the Elder Gods take place. The stated effects of the Mythos Location cards are always active. There are ways to remove a Mythos Location, but you will have to discover those while playing the game. Mythos Locations are revealed during the initial setup of the game.

ALL NEW Mythos, Elder Gods, Minions, Equipment, Spells, Locations, Actions, Starters, and Investigators:

The Remastered Edition of the core game, Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game, is getting a second printing. However in this version we’re putting the cards in the new card templates, as used for Dunwich, including a newly revised rulebook, and corrections/clarifications to the cards themselves.  

We are offering Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game Remastered Edition for the first time on this Kickstarter. It is available as an add-on. Just simply increase your pledge amount by $45 and you’ll be able to choose this option during the PledgeManager process.

There are two major phases of the game: a planning phase and a combat phase.

The Investigators activate cards in their hands, research new cards at the Miskatonic University and ready themselves in final preparation. 

The Elder God and his minions attack the Investigators' health and sanity. Investigators may go crazy or die, however, they have a chance to fight back. The Investigators use Moxie to push back the waves of the occult and supernatural. 

Building your personal library by researching in the Miskatonic University makes you stronger and it is your only hope against the Elders. Keep in mind, every bit of resource used to research is a bit not used to fight off the Mythos. It is a balance you must maintain to defeat the Elder Gods.

We’d like to thank our playtesters and reviewers that have helped make Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich a great game.



To be frank, there were mistakes made in the original game, we recognize that. It was our first Kickstarter, and we had a serious mistake made in the final print production of the game. This will now be our 5th Kickstarter and we’ve learned a few things:

#1 Getting a final print proof no matter the cost is critical to quality. 

#2 Open collaboration with the backers makes the game a LOT better in the end. 

With #2 in mind, we want to completely open up all the card text and rules documents. We are constantly looking to clarify and improve the rules and card text. We love collaborating with our backers on our projects. Keep in mind all of the cards seen here and in the videos are our prototype versions of the cards. 

If you see something not quite right or if you’d like to leave a suggestion in any of the below documents, just highlight the thing, right click, and choose “Comment”. 

Collaboration Links: 


We’ve received some complaints from people who feel the game is overpowered, either in favor of the players vs the game, or vice versa. This was done by design, and is part of the chaos that we all know makes Cthulhu, Cthulhu. You’ll continue to see this type of themed gameplay in this expansion.

If you don't like chaos in your games, I'm sorry, perhaps Cthulhu may not be for you. That is okay. We really wanted to stay true to the theme of H.P. Lovecraft's world, and we hope that is what we delivered. 

For those of you that love our first Cthulhu game, thank you. You’ll love this one.

Wyvern Tales is a collection of short stories that we have and will be releasing over time. These short stories are original works that center around the themes of our games. Look for new works released as we approach the launch dates of our new games. However, we will sometimes release stories centered around some of our past games.

Wyvern Gaming is the combination of three best buddies who have been playing games together since we could roll dice. We've always had many ideas for projects and games and now with your help we can continue the fun. Our day jobs consist of: software development, project management, training, and marketing, so we have the right skills to pull this off. 

Kickstarter is our proving ground for new games. Our games start here, and the ones that are successful get published into our distribution and retail channels. So...

This will be our fifth title for Wyvern Gaming. The previous four: Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game, Onami, Short Order Hero, and Sojourn — all have only become real games because of people like you who backed us on Kickstarter. 

Since our previous Kickstarters, we are very proud to have partnered up with publishers and distribution channels. Wyvern Gaming is now a design studio with full-time personnel working on our games. 

We plan to fully launch The Horror in Dunwich at Gen Con 2019. We'll be running games and a special interactive event leading to our next adventure. Look us up at Gen Con 2019!

Available Rewards:

$115USD + Shipping


Get a combo of both games, playmat, and all the stretch goals.


  • Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich - Boxed Copy
  • Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game REMASTERED
  • Playmat - 28" x 14" game aid to help organize play
$50USD + Shipping


Boxed Game PLUS all of the Stretch Goals


  • Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich - Boxed Copy

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